Women’s Health ServicesServices Women’s Health Services

At our family medicine practice, Dr. Kupkowski and Dr. Merok are dedicated to providing comprehensive women’s health services that prioritize your unique healthcare needs. We understand that women’s health encompasses a wide range of issues, and we’re here to offer expert care and support at every stage of life.

Personalized Care Plans

No two women are alike, and neither are their healthcare needs. We take a personalized approach to your care, tailoring our services to address your specific concerns, whether it’s contraception services, reproductive health, menopause management, or anything in between.

Annual Well-Woman Exams

Regular well-woman exams are essential for preventive care and early detection of potential health issues. Our team provides evidenced-based services, including thorough annual check-ups and periodic cervical cancer screening, to ensure your continued well-being.

Family Planning and Contraception

We provide comprehensive family planning services, offering guidance on various birth control options – including Nexplanon and IUD options- to help you make informed decisions about your reproductive health and family planning goals.

Breast Cancer screening

Breast health is a top priority. Our team provides up-to-date recommendations for breast cancer screening via referrals for mammograms, ultrasound, or MRIs, when needed, to ensure early detection of breast-related issues.

Sexual Health and Infections

We provide confidential and compassionate care for sexual health concerns, including screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as education on safe sex practices.

Osteoporosis Screening and Bone Health

Bone health is crucial as you age. We offer osteoporosis screening and guidance on maintaining strong bones to reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis-related complications.

Holistic Approach to Women’s Wellness

Your overall wellness is our priority. We take a holistic approach to women’s health, addressing not only physical health but also emotional and mental well-being, to help you lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

Dr. Merok and Dr. Kupkowski are committed to supporting women’s health throughout all stages of life. With our expert care and personalized attention, you can be confident that your health and well-being are in capable hands. Your health journey is important to us, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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